CCcam & Gbox Control Centar

CCcam & Gbox Control Centar

Cardsharing-X Control v1.0 Test Version by Cardsharing-X is complete, and redy for test. Please report any bugs and any sugestion, thanks to all.

– fixed small bugs
– new cccam php info
– aded whois lookup into balon display (servers and clients)
– merged pairs and clients into one page
– merged last used shares into one page
– added complete statistics into index page

download :…_v1.0.rar.html


V 1.0.3
– fixed some known bugs
– fixed some colors for stats
– added dish pointer
– added key finder in dec and hex
Last changes: 17.01.2010
– small fixes



Cardsharibg-X Control v1.0.4 multilanguage
– added „Serbian, Italian, Deutch” language
– added another option for donating


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