Filme de pe PC pe Dreambox

This tutorial can be used for all dreambox models but not for DM5600 and DM7025.

VLC CLient is a plugin to use „VLC Media Player” (a good player for audio/video files) from remote. Once all has been setup, you only need to run this tool on your PC and to browse folders of your PC or cd/dvd player and start to play.

Needed softwares

On your PC

  • Install „VLC Media Player 0.8.1″ on your PC. Last versions of „VLC Media Player” are not working properly with this plugin.I recomend you to install version 0.8.1 downloadable from above link since it is the version I used to run all tests while writing this tutorial. If you already installed on your PC a newer version of videolan but you still want to install version 0.8.1 in a different folder to be used to watch divx with your dreambox, you can do that since there are no problems with other existing versions. Do not use any space in the install folder name and uncheck all install options. If you are using version 0.8.1 only, please select and check all install options instead:

  • This is needed to avoid any possible mess with Start win menu and to not overwrite last version modules for browser which would be overwritten with older version modules.
  • Select „VLC media player” icon on your desktop (create one if you dont have one) and right click with your mouse to select „Properties”. Go to „Shortcut” and write after exe name:
    --intf wxwin --extraintf=http

  • Run „VLC Media Player 0.8.1″ by clicking over icon you just edited.
  • If you get following warning message, please apply on „Unblock”:

  • Go to „Settings” menu and after to „Preferences…”.
  • Select „Input” in the list at left of program window, input 8080 in „Server port” and save by clicking on „Save” key at the bottom, quit the program after:

  • Open with „NotePad” „vlc.xml” file in „VLC Client 0.2.3” plugin.
  • Edit your pc IP into „server ip” and edit full path to your PC folder where divx files are stored into „config startdir”:

  • Save file and quit „Notepad”.

On your dreambox

  • Copy all files you find in „VLC Client 0.2.3” zip archive to your dreambox with a ftp client:
  • Run in your PC „VLC Media Player 0.8.1” by clicking over the icon you edited before.
  • On your dreambox select plugins menu (generally clickin over yellow key) and run „VideoLanClient”, you should see listed all content of folder you edited in „vlc.xml” file.

  • Select video file and press „OK” on remote to start play.
  • Should you not see all files listed, you might have a firewall on your pc locking access from dreambox to your pc. Desable your firewall or set it to allow access to IP dreambox to your PC.
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